Tax Preparation & Tax Advisory

Without a clear tax strategy, you risk losing money, time, and precious resources that greatly impact your business in several ways:

  • Lost refunds
  • Overpayment of taxes
  • Failure to file penalties

These issues alone could possibly cause your business to shut down.

Joachim & Co. offers affordable and reliable tax preparation and planning services for individuals and businesses so that these issues don’t deter your financial success. We will work with you to develop tax strategies to help minimize your tax liability and more cash in your account and not down the drain.

Business Tax Preparation and Tax Advisory

In addition to the accurate and timely completion of your tax returns, we help you by asking the right questions. 

  • Does your company have the appropriate tax structure? 
  • Can this business support you for today and prepare you for the future? 
  • What Tax Forms Do I Need to Fill out For Business Taxes?

We work with you throughout your contract to monitor your company’s performance and address tax issues so that you can focus on your business. With so many things that could slip through the cracks which could cost you time, money, and effort, we will provide the education and support you need to ensure you get the biggest return.

Personal Tax Preparation and Tax Advisory

From income tax preparation for individuals to tax planning services for small businesses, Joachim & Co. has the expertise to help you reach your financial goals. Whether you are planning for your retirement, your family’s education, or simply in need of a reliable tax preparer, Joachim & Co. has the expertise to help you reach your financial goals.


From individual and business taxes to personal budgeting and investing, choosing the right adviser can make all the difference.

We look forward to meeting you! We enjoy getting to know our clients and delivering personalized service.